Think Like a Hacker, Secure Your World

Navigate your digital landscape through the eyes of a hacker and fortify your defenses like never before. Protect what matters most with precision, intelligence, and confidence.

Our Unique Platform

Attaq Vector is an automated attack surface management platform that scans your company and finds actionable intelligence to help bolster your security.

Built in-house with decades of Cyber Security experience, we digest all this information to help you make informed decisions. Our services include: Quick scans, Simple report export, No expertise required, Automated, Issues with Solutions.


Discover various types, products & entities that relate to your business


Online banking logins, Bank routing numbers, posts of various nature in regards to finance records of the entity.

Network Infrastructure

DNS, IP, Web URL, SSL Certificates, Software and cloud services. Not to mention some of Attaq vectors very own port scans with service fingerprinting as well as Web application scans and AJAX crawler.

Social Media

Social media can be a mundane way to think about cyber security however, not knowing old accounts from Facebook, linkedin, twitter can be fairly damaging to your reputation. We scour the internet looking for all accounts and related posts on your entity. So you’ll have a one stop shop to check the vitals and health of your digital marketing via social media profiles and posts.


Digital Leaks in information can happen in the most unsuspecting ways. Sometimes, you might not even know it happened. So let us search database dumps, and forums for potential leaks you might have. Stay current with our automated scans and get updated the moment any information becomes available.


Malicious IPs or domains that could have a negative impact on an organization. Whether its a blacklisting or known for any sort of malicious attack that could have an impact on your security score and will need remediation.

Account/Credential Monitoring

Account/Credential Monitoring involves actively searching for and tracking your organization’s account information across various online platforms. Monitoring tools for account credentials function akin to search engines tailored for this purpose.


Price Packages

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Basic Scan


  • 1 domain enabled
  • 1 scan per month
  • Solutions provided

Advanced Scan


  • Totally customizable to fit any needs
  • 1 continuous scan
  • Partner and reseller packages

Enterprise Scanning


  • Totally customizable packages
  • Available for large entities
  • Call us for pricing

Get to Know Us

Attaq Vector is a freshly formed company with decades of experience in cyber security.

Having serial cyber startup founders, Attaq Vector has your interest in mind when it comes to safeguarding your information.
Information gathering is the basis an attacker uses to infiltrate a company. We use these same methods to build our product. It’s time to go on the offensive!


The first scan takes the longest and can vary from hours to days. Once the first scan is done, It’ll be easier to look up changes and also look for new sources while eventually only taking hours or minutes.

Depending on the package you get it’ll happen once a month or continuously.

We store data using the NIST framework. All our information is encrypted and stored using best practices.

Yes you contact us at and we can answer any questions and help you with any issues