Determining the Right Time to Implement an ASM (Attack Surface Management) Solution

Posted on: November 14, 2023

Determining if your organization needs an Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution is an important step in strengthening your cybersecurity posture. ASM helps organizations identify and mitigate potential security risks by assessing and managing the attack surface – the areas of an organization’s IT infrastructure that are vulnerable to cyber threats. So how to determine the right time to implement an ASM?

Here are some key indicators that suggest the need for an ASM solution:


1. Rapid growth

If your organization is rapidly growing, it’s likely that your attack surface is expanding as well. With more assets and devices to manage, the risk of a security breach increases. An ASM solution can help identify and prioritize security risks as the organization grows, providing visibility into potential vulnerabilities that may be difficult to track manually.

2. New products, services, or technologies

The introduction of new products, services, or technologies can also increase an organization’s attack surface. With every new addition to the IT infrastructure, the organization becomes more vulnerable to cyber threats. An ASM solution can help identify potential risks associated with these new assets and mitigate them before they become exploited.

3. Complex IT infrastructures

Larger organizations with complex IT infrastructures or networks are often prime targets for cyberattacks. The more complex an organization’s infrastructure, the more difficult it is to maintain visibility and control over every endpoint. An ASM solution can help identify all assets within the organization’s network and provide a comprehensive view of the attack surface, enabling organizations to better manage their cybersecurity risks.

The benefits of implementing an ASM solution include improved cybersecurity posture, enhanced visibility and control over IT assets, and identification and prioritization of security risks. When choosing an ASM solution, it’s important to assess the organization’s specific needs, evaluate desired features and capabilities, consider budget and resources, and evaluate vendor reputation and customer support. By implementing best practices for ASM, organizations can identify and mitigate potential risks before they become exploited, providing a stronger defense against cyber threats.



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